Get inspired and inspire. Challenge your thinking and develop. Set goals and achieve them. Listen to others and make a difference.


Motivation and motivating are issues that have a strong influence on every supervisor, those who coach or teach, as well as parents or anyone involved in binging up children, and those with educational responsibilities. They affect everyone at work, every student, athlete and those with hobbies. They concern all who perform in a group or in a team. Motivation and motivating are meaningful issues for everyone with desire to go forward, grow and develop and to all those, who want to achieve anything.


But to anyone else, motivation doesn’t really matter.


Dream Star is for you who is looking for more enthusiasm and drive in your life, work community or in your team. For you, who want to challenge your thinking, develop your interactional skills, and acquire ways to develop emotional intelligence. Someone, who is looking for insights and tools for going through
transformations and excelling in them.


We plant the seeds of inspiration and change. We challenge to break the patterns of thinking and to realize what has previously been unseen, and to discern with a new insight with what is already known. We open the doors to the world of possibilities and inspire to take a step through the door. We provide a greater understanding of oneself, help highlight human relations and hues of communication. We suggest solutions and elicit questions.




dreams, simple sources of happiness, boundless opportunities, enjoying the journey


learning something new every day, to see a single petal as well as the whole garden, to take one step further


the inspiring stories I am privileged to hear, the leisurely mornings, music playing softly in the background, small words of encouragement


Motivational and success coach; lecturer and trainer; curious observer of environment; inquisitive researcher; entrepreneur; M.S. in Industrial Management Engineering; mother and daughter; PhD student;


There’s Room Inside the Box

Boxes are bad. They are tight and prevent us from thinking, at least anything slightly different or new. Being inside a box is like plugging off one’s brain and destroying the capability to change and renew. Whenever there’s a need for innovative ideas and creation,...

I Don’t Feel Like It – So What?

I don’t want to. Not interesting enough. Can’t anyone else? I just don’t feel like it…Having three teenagers in the house surely enables you to hear sentences like this in the daily basis. Obviously, the ways to complain are not limited in above examples. Teenagers...


The workshops and seminar topics/approaches are always designed with your needs in mind. Each topic can be addressed separately or can be combined with multiple topics, tailored to fit your needs, desires and audiences.

Well-being during the workday and after it – Do you have to keep going?

Well-being is a topic that generates a lot of discussion: emotional well-being, physical well-being, well-being at work. And yet, so many do not feel well. Does well-being actually mean ill-being?

Emotional Intelligence vs. IQ – The Prisoner of Genes and the Victim of Circumstances

What can you do about it? Some people just are more intelligent than others. If you have inherited the less intelligent genes, grew up in a concrete jungle, watching bad tv, is there anything you can do? Or could intelligence be more than what is meant traditionally?

Succeed in Change – Change to Succeed

Everyone knows the concept of resistance to change. However, most people do not resist changes. Most actually support it. Change is seen as a positive thing, as long as everything remains the same.

Different Personality Types – Conflict or Collaboration?

How can there be so many idiots in the world? It is easy to get along with some people and conversation just flows. But then there are those, well, idiots. It is just not possible to get things working or to find some mutual understanding. If you manage to start a conversation, it is so boring that it takes everything just to stay awake. Things just do not work.

I know I always behave the correct way. So there has to be someone else to blame!

Interaction – Ask, Listen and Answer, with and without Words

What we remember the best in discussions are the things we said. However, talking is just one part of interaction. The smallest part. Besides talking, interaction consist of listening and nonverbal communication, the messages without words.

But how is our message understood if it contradicts – with words or without them?

Why? Not a Question but an Answer

We usually know what we do. Most also know how they do what they do. But why do we do what we do? And why does it matter? It is not an opinion. It is about biology.

Motivation – Why Does It Move Me?

Motivation drives us forward even when we are tired. To push ourselves harder even when we are not sure how to. To do what first seemed impossible. In order to motivate ourselves or others, we need to be familiar with the tools to create and to maintain this enabling power. Motivation cannot be forced, but it can be gently persuaded…

Enthusiasm, Willpower and Habits – What if You Just Don’t Feel Like It

With enthusiasm things go smoothly, spontaneously. But what if there is no enthusiasm, if you just do not feel like it? How is willpower generated and how can it be developed? What about our habits? Can they be changed, or are we just creatures of our habits?

I Think, Therefore I Am – Wrong

We think we see and experience the world the as it is. This, however, is not how it really is. Instead, we see the world the way it is not. All we have is our reality. The only thing everyone sees the same is the idea that I see and experience the world as it is, and that the others see it as I see it.

The Power of Goals – Reaching for the Possible Impossible

If set right, goals can create strong motivation and desire to go beyond the ordinary. However, if goals are not set properly, there is a risk of poor performance and diluted development, which probably was not the goal of setting the goal…